Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Maintain a wholesome lifestyle

Being of sound mind and body is essential to being a good student.

Watching morally marginal TV programs will pollute your character and will twist your mind away from seeking rational, ethical, and innovative approaches to business. Sleazy magazines are disgusting and will pollute your mind.

Excess alcohol consumption is damaging to both mind and body. Hangovers mean loss of time to study and contemplate course material. Illegal drugs--besides supporting organized crime and terrorists--are truly disgusting and do bad things to your body.

Foul language pollutes not just not the speaker's mind but also those of innocent listeners.

A diet of fast food may be more convenient and may--at the moment--seem more satisfying. However, for a healthy body, fruits and vegetables are critical.

Certain activities are not appropriate before marriage. Aside from this moral consideration, these activities can also entail very severe consequences.

Disturbing the peace, shoplifting, and other crimes tend to be a reflection of a deranged mind. Not only are these morally wrong--they also program your mind for a life of evil and callous disregard for the interests of society.

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