Monday, April 25, 2011

Honor thy marketing professor

Your marketing professor is probably among the most insightful and inspirational people you will ever meet. Such a person should be treasured and honored!

It will be helpful to think positive thoughts about your professor and recognize how fortunate you are to be able to take such a great course. This will help raise your morale so that you will be truly dedicated to the course.

You should, however, keep mind that getting carried away could backfire. Although it would clearly make sense to post a nice banner in your room saying that "My marketing professor is a genius!" wearing a T-shirt with that message to class might come across as a clumsy attempt at ingratiation. Wearing a T-shirt saying that "My marketing professor is better than your marketing professor!" unnecessarily brings attention to the fact that although some marketing professors exude superhuman wisdom, others are merely highly gifted.

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